Providing correct medical information enables us
contribute to the realization of a healthy society.

We believe as medical agents that the time will come when we must get more involved in the support that our clients, patients and their families wish for.

Moreover, since we have entered an era when the various ways of living and work styles are recognized, we must seriously tackle each event.

In the future, in the medicine and medical fields, advances in medicine such as regenerative medicine and iPS cells, and ones in medical such as online medical care and medical devices with AI will rapidly spread.

In order to take the lead of it, we do not neglect to keep on learning.

Furthermore, we will engage in communication among people that is more important than ever over the times when civilization has been developed to the limit.

Each staff is aware of liberty and responsibility and we commit ourselves to provide our clients values that have never existed before.

Chief Executive Officer
Takeshi Matsuoka